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Name Ikari Shinji
Age 14
Team Sterling

Height 5'1"
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Blood Type A

Appearance As of Day 396: Wearing a grey sweater & white shirt like this. Has a Sterling silver key with a silver thread wound around it, as Beauty's sworn knight—there is also a purple Amethyst charm on the keychain. He wears a small cabbage-shaped Turquoise pin in place of a button on one sleeve cuff, and a Kunzite pin in the shape of a teacup on the other. He also a plain silver bracelet on one wrist, a pair of really worn-out friendship bracelets on the other, and an orange-red feather from Firebird attached to a clip on his belt.

Notes for Psychics If Shinji is actively focusing on it, he can block people from reading his thoughts (a quested-for item skill). He does have to be actively doing it, so if he doesn't know someone is a psychic, he won't be using it—but if he does, chances are he's minding his thoughts.